Earth resources

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Anna Nilsen

We study challenges associated with sustainable use and management of resources with focus on waste, water, land, ecosystems, nutrients as well as renewable energy. We co-create knowledge through interactions with societal actors to assess and develop processes, technologies, analytical tools, and frameworks

Sustainable management of resources implies a strong effort on improved water- and waste management, land use, nutrient flows, and renewable energy generation. We develop and improve processes, technology, analytical tools, and frameworks combining knowledge from different scientific disciplines to improve resources management. Our research focuses on:

Anaerobic Digestion

We study the conversion of organic waste resources into valuable products such as biogas and biofertilisers via anaerobic digestion, a strategical biotechnology with direct social and environmental benefits. Anaerobic digestion is a key process that simultaneously promote a circular agriculture, sustainable transport systems and resource management practices, while offsetting emissions of greenhouse gases, and mitigating global climate change.

Ecosystem preservation

We aim to understand how nutrients, chemicals and toxins reach natural systems and evaluate their fate in the environment and how they affect environmental and human health. We develop tools to reduce the release of these compounds to natural systems and to remedy their negative impacts.

Sustainable use of resources

We investigate processes and develop tools to improve the recovery and the sustainable management of relevant societal natural resources, like nitrogen, phosphorus, trace metals and Rare Earth Elements.

Research projects