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Louise Ödlund Professor Energy System
Louise Ödlund, Professor in Energy Systems Peter Holgersson

More efficient use of energy and energy policies require a systems perspective: an action that reduces carbon dioxide emissions in one place may well multiply emissions many times over in another part of the system. LiU researchers study energy systems at three levels: in buildings, locally and regionally, and in industry.

Examples include studies of district heating, energy management in the process industry, obstacles and driving forces for energy optimization in industry, energy optimization in buildings built before 1945, and studies of low-energy housing.

The research is both deeply disciplinary and broadly multidisciplinary, and the objective is long-term development toward sustainable and efficient energy systems. For many years now, LiU has hosted the multidisciplinary Research School's Energy Systems Programme that has produced more than 80 PhDs and which is now moving into a new stage - the Research School Energy Systems.

Energy in buildings
Research ranges from studies of low-energy buildings to energy savings in buildings built before 1945, where consideration must be given to their cultural and historical value. Other examples are sustainable urban planning and the development of small-scale solar energy in buildings.

Local and regional energy
Research in this area is mainly related to social science, and the role of municipalities and regions in the changeover of energy systems is being studied, among other aspects. One example is the test bed for sustainable urban development that is being built in Östra Valla, Linköping.

Energy in industry
The potential for making energy savings in industry is huge, both in large and small enterprises. Researchers in this area have many years of experience in studying improved energy efficiency in the steel, pulp and paper industries, as well as smaller industries.


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