Emergency response and health care logistics


Quantitative analysis for efficient emergency response and health care 

There are limited resources for handling illness, accidents, crises and other related events.

Therefore, we develop models, methods, and decision support for the optimized management of these resources. This is done in close cooperation with the rescue and health care sector, and often within the framework of CARER (Center for advanced research in emergency response). >> 

OperationssalFoto: Thor Balkhed
Quantitative methodologies are often used, such as for example optimization, simulation, statistical analysis and geographical analysis.

We study, for example, where rescue resources should be located, which resources that should be dispatched when there is a new event, how new types of resources (like for example volunteers) can be integrated in the system, how to best organize rescue, response and health care, how to plan and manage hospital resources (for example operating rooms or intensive care units) and how to analyze the resource management.

Övning i samordning vid olycka mellan myndigheter Foto: Petter Jonsson, Räddningstjänsten ֖stra GötalandTrafikolycka, farlig lastFoto: Thor Balkhed

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