Fossile Free Construction Sites

A man is putting fuel from a big tank in a vehicle
Within the project Fossil Free Construction Logistics, we study a pilot project with an on-site HVO-tank at Sankt Kors and Stångåstaden's project Ebbepark in Linköping. The HVO-tank is supplied by Energifabriken. THOR BALKHED

Sweden will achieve fossil freedom by 2045, until then new innovative solutions are needed to remove fossil dependence in construction logistics. text in field

Right now, there are about 19,000 ongoing construction projects in Sweden. Approximately 20% of Sweden's total transported weight is transported to and from these projects. In other words, a "fossil-free construction logistics" with efficient and fossil-free construction transport is a prerequisite for Sweden to be able to reach a fossil-free freight transport system in 2045 and maintaining the continuous development of urban areas. 
The aim of the project is with system analysis as a basis to increase knowledge about society's collective construction transports and, based on this, develop a requirement-platform for "fossil-free construction logistics". A number of practically useful methods and their proven effects for "fossil-free construction logistics" are presented. This provides knowledge of the methods that are useful for achieving fossil freedom for the construction industry as a whole, not just for individual actors, and will form the basis for the requirement-platform that can serve as a base for planning and decision making in construction projects.

Project participants from Linköping University; Department of Science and Technology (ITN), division of Communications and Transport Systems (KTS) and Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), division of Logistics and Quality Management (LOGQ)

Other participating organisations are; VTI, Logistikkluster Östergötland, Renall, Servistik, Almroths, Ragn-Sells, Suez, Energifabriken, Peab, NCC, SanktKors, Stångåstaden, Hyresbostäder and Sveriges Byggindustrier.


Triple F - Fossil Free Freight: 
Meet Farah Naz, PhD student with a focus on fossil-free building logistics


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