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The need for increased flow orientation in business and in the public sector is extensive. Therefore, my research is about highlighting the importance of logistics in the corporate strategy to increase growth, sustainability and profitability.

Flow orientation with a focus on logistics- and quality management

The more dynamic business environment, with globalization, high competition and environmental requirements, the more important it becomes with flow-oriented business models to increase organizations' ability to meet the demands for profitability, growth and sustainable development. It is in the supply chain that conditions are created for profitable growth, high customer value and environmental sustainability. The trend is towards more complex supply chains, which increases the importance of the systems approach represented in our research and education. This applies just as much in business as in the public sector or voluntary organizations.

Me and my colleagues explore the interfaces between strategy, logistics and quality management, in terms of flow-oriented business models. This is not about new technologies, but how to design operative processes to be resource-efficient and valuable for the customers. It is only then that you get the full benefit of the new technology. With a systems approach as a basis where the whole is more important than the parts, we get the opportunity to find new and more innovative solutions to the challenges that society and business are facing. This applied research, leading to business development and societal development, is characterizing both my academic research and my work in business with strategic development.

About me

Commissions of trust in academia

  • Head of the department Logistics- & Quality Management

Board Memberships

  • Chairman of the board of Almi Företagsutveckling Östergötland AB
  • Former board member of PostNord AB and before that Posten AB


  • Member of the European Logistics Associations (ELA) Research Committee


  • Awarded Söderbergska Handelspriset 2009
  • Awarded Best paper i International Journal of Logistics Research and Application, 1999.


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Latest publications


Henrik Gillström, Maria Björklund, Uni Sallnäs, John Harrison Bhatti, Mats Abrahamsson (2024) Ett nödvändigt drivmedel i transformationen mot ellastbilar?: En jämförelse av resursdelning mellan två tekniker Transportforum
Arne Nåbo, Mats Abrahamsson, Harrison John Bhatti, Maria Björklund, David Daniels, Mike Danilovic, Per Haugland, Petter Huddén, Jens Portinson Hylander, Svetla Käck, Per Lindahl, Jasmine Lihua Liu, Uni Sallnäs (2024) Battery-Swapping for Heavy Duty Vehicles: A Feasibility Study on Up-Scaling in Sweden


Henrik Gillström, Maria Björklund, Fredrik Stahre, Mats Abrahamsson (2023) Critical factors in logistics service providers business model for electrified freight


Erik Sandberg, Mats Abrahamsson, Martin Björkman, Mårten Sondell (2022) Dynamiska förmågor i handelns logistiksystem: För ökad grad av innovation och flexibilitet
Anna Fredriksson, Mats Abrahamsson, Linea Kjellsdotter-Ivert, Maria Huge-Brodin, Stefan Engevall (2022) Slutrapport Fossilfri Bygglogistik