Animal behaviour, personality and cognition - Lovlie Group

Welcome to the Løvlie group!

We are interested in understanding variation in behaviour, and most of our research focuses on causes and consequences of animal personality. This includes links to sexual selection, parasite infection and animal cognition. We mainly (but not only) use the red junglefowl as our model species.

Current members
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Josefina Zidar successfully defended her PhD, September 2017
June 2017, at Anna Favati’s successful PhD-defence

June 2017, at Anna Favati’s successful PhD defence

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Good growing environment gives happier hens despite stress

Chickens that grow up in a varied and controllable environment maintain their optimistic view of life and handle stress better than individuals growing up in a harsh environment, according to research led by Hanne Løvlie at Linköping University.

Junglefowl's personality

Hanne Løvlie talks about jungelfowl, their personality and if the glas is half full or half empty. Video filmed by Vetenskapsfestivalen.

Roosters are kinder to relatives

Research shows that roosters are less aggressive towards roosters with others, Stockholm University. Still footage courtesy of Hanna Løvlie.

Previous members
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Robin Abbey-Lee, Postdoc (2016-2018)

Enrico Sorato, Postdoc (2015-2018)

Emily Uhrig, Postdoc (2016-2017)

Alexandra Balogh, Postdoc (2012-2013)

Anna Favati, PhD-student (2009-2017)

Josefina Zidar, PhD-student (2012-2017)

Xavier Fernández Sala, MSc-student (2017-2018)

Sabina Ahlgren Porthén, MSc-student (2016-2017)

Sara Forslind, MSc-student SU (2016-2017)

Ann-Marie Malmkvist, MSc-student (2015-2016)

Marton Kuti, MSc-student (2015-2016)

Emilie Jansson, MSc-student (2014-2015)

Caroline Sollevi, MSc-student SU (2015)

Eva Udén, MSc-student (2014)

Hanne Thorpe, MSc-student (2012-2013)

Louise Hedlund, MSc-student (2012-2013)

Anastacia Kreshchenko, Placement student (2017-2018)

Sara Ryding, Placement student (2017-2018)

Sarah Child, Placement student (2016-2017)

Charlotte Rosher, Placement student (2014-2015)

And numerous undergraduate students that have done projects or internship with us