Mucosal Infection and Inflammation Center (MIIC)

Mucosal Infection and Inflammation Center (MIIC) research focus is on infections and inflammatory conditions, which are major concerns for human health. 

MIIC´s overall goal is to perform high quality basic and clinical research that provide new research findings that can contribute to improve human health on a national and global level.

MIIC aims to:

  • Help form bridges between basic and clinical research within the MIIC research area
  • Create a collaborative, integrative and creative environment that strengthens the research within MIIC
  • Take advantage of the different expertise within MIIC to instruct about state of the art technology/methods to advance the research within MIIC
  • Help with the recruitment of new principal investigator scientists within the MIIC research area
  • Encourage new collaborations by providing seed grants with the aim of long-term collaboration, joint publications and grant applications
  • Increase the high impact publications as measured by publications in the top 25% journals within the specific research field and publications with an impact factor over 3
  • Provide internationalization by recruiting young scientist to its post doc program
  • Provide MIIC post doc and junior researchers with a research environment where they can flourish and develop their scientific skills by e.g. Leaderships program, seminars and retreats.

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