PAINOMICS® Research Group

PAINOMICS Research Group
PAINOMICS Research Group Emma Busk Winquist

The aim of the research at Painomics laboratory is to investigate mechanistic markers of nociception and severity of pain, in peripheral and central level in subjects with chronic pain conditions, using omics.

Identification of pain modulating substances and their associated molecular mechanisms is necessary to understand the pathophysiology behind chronic pain. Our research contributes to the development of a mechanism-based pain diagnoses. 

The Painomic research group has a strong track record in the field of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain research. The research group consisted of a mix of clinical and preclinical researchers that together try to investigate following issues:

  • Are there any molecules or a panel of multiple biomarkers that reflect the molecular signature of chronic pain?
  • Are there differences in molecular biomarker profile (patterns of proteins, lipids, algesics and inflammation substances) between different chronic pain states, e.g. neuropathic pain, chronic widespread pain and fibromyalgia?
  • Does the balance between pain excitatory and inhibitory substances differ between different chronic pain conditions?
  • Are there any correlations between levels of spinal and peripheral pain excitatory/pain inhibitory substances and characteristics of pain e.g. duration, intensity, anatomical spreading in the body and signs of central sensitization/hyperexcitability ?


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