Photo of Bijar Ghafouri

Bijar Ghafouri

Professor, Head of Unit

I am professor in pain biochemistry with a focus on proteomics


Bijar Ghafouri is a pre-clinical Professor of biochemistry of chronic pain with a focus on proteomics at department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences, division of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Community Medicine. She graduated from Faculty of Science and Engineering 2001 and completed her PhD at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 2005. She is director of third-cycle education at department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences. She is also head of PAINOMICS laboratory at the division of Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine. Professor Ghafouri has co-authored more than 100 articles, reviews, and posters on clinical biomarkers with a major interest in chronic pain. She is an editor of Scientific Reports and reviews for many peer-reviewed journals. Her main research interest is investigating molecular “signature” of chronic pain using omics. She supervises undergraduate students and doctoral students in the research field of clinical biomarkers



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