Physical activity and exercise in cardiovascular disease (PHYS-EX CVD)

Photo of people working out at a gym.

The overall aim of the research group PHYS-EX CVD is to develop and evaluate methods and interventions with special focus on physical activity and exercise in cardiovascular disease.

The research of the PHYS-EX CVD group combines epidemiology, method development, intervention- and implementation research and qualitative studies, with special focus on physical activity and exercise in the cardiovascular field. Our research is characterized by clinical projects where the implementation of research results with direct benefit to the patient is highly valued.

PHYS-EX CVD has a large national and international network within the cardiovascular field and research is often conducted interdisciplinary in the form of multicenter studies.

Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation under the supervision of a physiotherapist is a highly evidence-based treatment which, however, is underutilized. There is a large need to identify methods and interventions targeting how it is possible to increase participation and adherence with this treatment.

Current projects include epidemiological research within the framework of the SWEDEHEART-registry and to develop and evaluate telerehabilitation and behavioural medicine interventions with the aim of optimizing availability, efficiency, and goal fulfilment in exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention.

Research projects


Researchers outside of LiU

  • Emil Hagström, docent, cardiologist, Uppsala University
  • Stefan James, professor, cardiologist, Uppsala University
  • Margret Leosdottir, docent, cardiologist, Malmö University
  • Joakim Nordanstig, docent, vascular surgeon, Gothenburg University
  • Anne Söderlund, professor, physiotherapist, Mälardalens högskola
  • Maria Hagströmer, professor, physiotherapist, KI
  • Susanna Wittboldt, lic. physiotherapist, PhD student, GU
  • Anna Sandberg, lic. physiotherapist, PhD student GU
  • Johanna Lilliecrona, lic. physiotherapist, pre PhD student GU