Research Focus Dermatology

Image of skin in section.

Research focus Dermatology at Linköping University conducts a successful combination of basic and clinical research that has led to important improvements in the treatment of many skin diseases.

The translational research is facilitated by the proximity between the clinic and the experimental research environment, and provides a good opportunity for clinicians
and researchers to work side by side with research engineers, biomedical analysts and biologists.

The unit educates PhD students who are focused on both clinical and preclinical projects.

The ultimate goal of the research is to increase the understanding of the underlying mechanisms of skin diseases, in order to facilitate the development of more specific treatments and clinical care.


Charlotta Enerbäck
Deepti Verma
Oliver Seifert

Atopic dermatitis
Chris Anderson

Skin pigmentation and photobiology
Diagnostics of malignant melanoma
Karin Öllinger