Testbed Kungsgatan – Traffic

Urban traffic
Photo: Thor Balkhed

The project Testbed Kungsgatan is designing a platform to research the potential of analysing large volumes of data collected from different sources.

It will handle data collected from the street and deploy many sensors of different types. The project combines their data with freely available information at different actors, like, garage occupancy, bus timetables, or even the weather, to enable timely and effective traffic estimation and prediction.

Focusing equally on the users of Kungsgatan and the developed technology, the project will regularly bring in different groups (citizens, local businesses, emergency services, municipality agencies) together with the researchers for them to understand real needs and accordingly tune the proposed solutions. Since the project will involve sensing of public spaces, there is a strong element of security and data privacy woven in all information collecting and processing procedures.

In August 2019 the Testbed Kungsgatan project began, funded by the Norrköping Fund for Research and Development. The project will last for two years.

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