Telecommunications for Smart Cities

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Research addressing the diverse communication needs for Smart City applications and services, over the Internet of Things with a focus on scalability, efficiency and reliability.

Smart Cities are built upon the efficient exchange of information between the urban stakeholders and citizens. 
Relevant information for key industries in the city such as the power grid, the city transportation network, the water and waste management needs to be communicated reliably and timely.

Such data can come through the massive deployment of sensors and is communicated in a Machine-to-Machine fashion, resulting in efficient, automated decision making. On the other hand citizens can participate in the city becoming more intelligent by sharing information generated over their own devices, mobile or at home, raising privacy and trust concerns. 

Our research focuses on modeling and evaluating the communication and network architectures of such relevant Internet of Things deployments with applications in smart cities.

Using mathematical tools ranging from applied optimization to stochastic modeling and analyzing properties from the physical layer of communication up to the application design, we derive scalability and performance properties of IoT communication solutions for smart cities applications. 

We are thus able to design efficient communication systems that address the wide range of application requirements of this domain, using current and evolving communication technologies.

Examples of projects:


  • Ericsson
  • Siemens
  • Zolertia
  • Sensative 
  • ELLIIT research excellence center

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