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Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR provide research in five areas. Here we present research in the field of Transformation.

Incremental changes of current infrastructure, institutions and economic systems are insufficient to mitigate and adapt to the effects of global warming. Instead, profound transformative change of societies is required. In this research area, we explore how transformational change towards low-carbon and climate-robust societies are understood, communicated, used and governed across spatial and temporal scales, economic realities and cultural contexts. This includes studying how different development paths toward sustainable futures play out in for example cities, energy supply, transport, agriculture and forestry. We also study how different actors are involved and interact.


Stones at the Swedish westcoast.

Just transformation: The places, politics and ethics of fossil free society

In 2017 the Swedish Parliament adopted a new climate policy framework that lays the foundations for an ambitious decarbonization of all sectors in Swedish society. The aim is to turn Sweden into the first fossil-free welfare state by 2045.

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To explore and visualize how cities are transitioning

Contemporary cities needs transition in a more climate-proof, low-carbon and sustainable direction.  This project explores and visualizes how cities’ transitions in the making can be understood and enabled.

Bilden från klimatförhandlingarna i Paris. Picture from COP21

NAMAs, support to developing countries to reduce emissions

The UN climate politics encourage developing countries to, voluntarily, take on nationally appropriate mitigation actions. If needed, they can apply for international support. This project examines what it takes to improve the process.


Premises for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Climate scenarios for limiting temperature rise well below 2°C rely heavily on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). This project assesses the socio-political prospects for deploying BECCS at the scales suggested in the scenarios.

Researchers in Visual Water

Visual Water

Heavy rainfall is causing  damage in urban built environments and are expected to be further intensified due to climate change. We develop an interactive visualization platform to support cities in sustainably addressing such climate related risks.

Schoolstrike regarding the climate.

Youth Representation in Global Politics

Young people´s concerns in critical transboundary issues such as climate, health and migration have gained significant attention in recent years. In practice, however, the ways in which youth are given voice in global governance remains contested.

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Climate Change Policy Integration in Local Policy and Planning CLIPP

The projects targets climate transitions for emission-reductions and adaptation in local spatial planning. Spatial planning is identified as a key arena for a more coordinated and strategic approach to  for example climate change and linking goals.


Societal Transformations Lab

With Societal Transformation Lab, we create an innovative platform for research on how communities can be set to become sustainable.

Mistra Geopolitics

A research programme that critically explores the interaction between geopolitics, security and global climate and environmental change.

Mistra Geopolitics
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Mistra Carbon Exit

Pathways to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Supply Chains.

Mistra Carbon Exit

Act Sweden Non-State Action for ClimateTransformation

The role of non-state initiatives in the transformation of Sweden into a fossil fuel-free welfare state.

Act Sweden Non-State Action for ClimateTransformation


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