Visualization, communication and decision-support

CSPR researchers in the Norrkopings desicion arena
Photo: Thor Balkhed

Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR provide research in five areas. Here we present research in the field of Visualization, communication and decision-support.

Information and geographic visualization as well as climate and environmental modelling are recognized as efficient means to increase the understanding of complex socio-environmental challenges. Visual representations may facilitate stakeholder dialogue and information dissemination for different decision-making contexts and target audiences.

In this research area, we develop interactive applications to integrate various types of data to support research, education, planning and decision-making. We also analyse how intended users make sense of visualisation-supported climate communication.


vallastaden, A dense, green and varied city district

BRIGHT: Increased knowledge and new tools for adapting Swedish cities to heat

Project BRIGHT aims to contribute with new knowledge, optimized methods, enhanced tools and user tailored data that enable Swedish municipalities to better adapt to climate change, with a focus on heat waves.

 Irrigation and drainage of arable land.

Decision support for climate change adaptation in Swedish agriculture and forestry

This project aims to contribute to the development of tailored climate indicators for stakeholders in the Swedish agricultural and forestry sector, to create useful support for the work with climate adaptation.

Virtual Worlds: digital technologies in climate and biodiversity governance

Virtual Worlds explores the role of digital technologies in managing climate change and biodiversity loss. The program reviews how technology can improve environmental governance and include local knowledge for sustainable development.

Norrköping Decision Arena.

Norrköping Decision Arena - a room where visualization supports dialogue

The Arena is an interactive facility consisting of visualization platform. It serves as a support in meetings where complex issues are to be discussed. It is used in research and teaching; and can be hired by actors in the private and public sectors.

Bild på solceller. Picture on suncell

To explore and visualize how cities are transitioning

Contemporary cities needs transition in a more climate-proof, low-carbon and sustainable direction.  This project explores and visualizes how cities’ transitions in the making can be understood and enabled.

Researchers in Visual Water

Visual Water

Heavy rainfall is causing  damage in urban built environments and are expected to be further intensified due to climate change. We develop an interactive visualization platform to support cities in sustainably addressing such climate related risks.



AI4ClimateAdaptation explores the capacity of AI-based image processing and text mining to contribute to evaluating the accuracy of the national system for impact-based weather warnings and to contribute to the development of the system.

Bild på Ipad som visar internetverktyget Visadapt

Increasing homeowners adaptive capacity

Warmer weather, heavier rain, risk of flooding but also drought. How will climate change affect our houses and homes in the Nordic region? Now you can find out with a few simple clicks on the Internet.

Bild på jordbruk. Agriculture

Adapting agriculture to climate change

Agriculture is seriously affected by climate changes. This project studies how agriculture can cope with such changes and what effects various adaptation measures may have, based on new methods that include visualization, participation and gaming.