Climate Change, food security and resource 

Dr. Tina-Simone Neset’s research addresses two important challenges for environmental change analysis, which are to understand resource and material flows related to land-use and to develop new methods and tools for analysing linkages between environmental and sustainable development issues.

Global phosphorus scarcity is a vigorously debated issue in the scientific literature. Dr. Neset’s recent research, predominantly in collaboration with colleagues at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney, has been focused on scenario studies for global phosphorus use and to identifying synergies between sustainable phosphorus management and other sustainability challenges. In a recent study, we developed a qualitative vulnerability framework for phosphorus scarcity.

Resource management, land use and agriculture in the Nordic Countries

In the Nordic Centre of Excellence on Strategic Adaptation Research (NORD-STAR), the sub-project Interactive land-use modelling, visualisation and decision support as well as the FORMAS project Identifying thresholds for maladaptation in Nordic agriculture focus on the linkages between different factors, such as climate change, resource use and agricultural production. The vulnerability concept provides a theoretical framework to assess factors of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity, while a novel approach towards maladaptation will be developed with the help of interactive visualization and gaming methodology.

Interactive visualization for decision support

The research on interactive visualization for decision support includes research methods for stakeholder engagement in vulnerability and adaptation research as well as information and geographic visualization. The Norrköping Decision Arena, which has been launched in March 2015 as a lab for visualization-supported dialogues will enable methodological development as well as experimental research on visualization tools, such as VisAdapt, tools for open data in the water sector, related to the EU FP7 funded SWITCH-ON project and a toolbox for social learning in nutrient and flood risk management in for the recently funded MIRACLE project.

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Academic degree and mission

  • 2014  
    Senior Lecturer at Tema Environmental Change, Linköpings universitet 
  • 2014  
    Director of the Norrköping Decision Arena 
  • 2009  
    Head of Climate Visualization at Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research 
  • 2010-2014  
    Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Water and Environmental Studies, Linköpings university 
  • 2005   
    PhD in Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping university Thesis entitled ’’Environmental Imprint of Human food Consumption’.  


  • Science for Sustainable Development ("Visualizing Climate Change’’ 7.5 ECTS)
  • Miljövetarprogrammet
  • Thematic Natural Science
  • Geography


  • Lotten Wiréhn
  • Martin Karlsson
  • Anne Gammelgaard Ballantyne

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