My research interests are primarily American literature, especially American poetry, poetics, above all questions of authority and agency, modernism, and the Euro-American relationship in writing.

My dissertation examines the ways in which the American poet William Carlos Williams relates to Europe and tradition in works from 1917–1928, and focuses especially on the strategies he develops in order to deal with the European hegemony. The study reveals that Europe is a useful trope in Williams' writing and that the treatment of Europe is an ongoing process affecting also aspects of his poetics.

My current research project, The Europe Trope: Constructions of Europe in American Poetry, which is financed in part by The Birgit and Gad Rausing Foundation for Humanist Research, is a study of the Europe trope in American poetry over time, where my interest is how the negotiations of Europe and the Euro-American relationship affect the configurations of Europe in American poetry. If Europe has historically been a route to authority for American poets, what functions does Europe have today?

Conference Papers and Presentations

“A Mapping of Poetic Agency.” Presented at Agency/Poetics/Media international workshop, Linköping university, 26 November, 2015.
“Swarming European Consciousness Revisited: In the American Grain as a Rewriting of the Conversation in The Great American Novel” American Literature Association, Boston. May 2015
“The Euro-American Relationship in Writing: Counterhegemonic Literary Strategies” Spring Academy, Center of American Studies in Heidelberg, Germany. March 2015.
"Words Cleaned: Stein as (American) Strategy in the Work of William Carlos Williams." Presented at A Valentine for Gertrude Stein, Copenhagen. May 2014
“William Carlos Williams and Shakespeare: Claiming Tradition”. Higher seminar, Linköping university. December 2013.
"William Carlos Williams and Paris." Presented at the SAAS conference (Swedish Association for American Studies), Uppsala. September 2012.
"Europe and the Construction of the American Poet: Positioning of the Literary Self." Presented at NorLit Roskilde. August 2011.

Chair and organizer

International workshop Agency/Poetics/Media. 26 November 2015. Linköping University. Organizer, chair and participant.
Chair on the panel “Borders and Crossings: Time and Space in William Carlos Williams” at the 2016 Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, Austin. January 2016.

Grants and stipends

Stipend from The Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation, 2016.
Stipend from Birgit och Gad Rausings Stiftelse för Humanistisk Forskning, 2015.
Grant from The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, 2015.
The Sweden-America Foundation, 2010. 



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Academic degrees

Ph.D. in Language and culture, Linköping University, 2015
Master of Education, Linköping University, 2007
M.A. in comparative literature, Linköping University, 2006
M.A. in English, Linköping University, 2006


Senior Lecturer in English, Linköping University.

Senior Lecturer in English, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping.