Traditional mobile telephony is changing towards systems and platforms with unimagined capacity. The aim of ELLIIT (Excellence Center at Linköping – Lund in Information Technology) is to meet these challenges in a broad and effective way by supplementing, for example, software development, electronic engineering and communication systems with methods in image processing, visualisation and new approaches in computer science.

Rmax helicopter flying over a field of grass.

Information technology and mobile communication are developing rapidly, and the changes have a great impact on both industry and society. It is important to manage these challenges in a unified, broad and effective manner, by supplementing traditional software development, electronic engineering, embedded systems and communication technology with methods in image processing, visualisation, automatic control, sensor fusion, artificial intelligence and modern approaches within computer science.

ELLIIT is an extensive alliance that gathers complementary academic expertise from Linköping and Lund Universities, together with selected research groups at Halmstad University and the Blekinge Institute of Technology. The composition of the alliance has been designed to meet challenges within IT and communication in a unified and broad manner. Three long-term research themes have been defined and six areas of application have been selected to cover a broad spectrum of issues in industry and society:

  • Mobile broadband
  • Industrial automation
  • Vehicle and airborne applications
  • Intelligent homes
  • Health services
  • Societal networks


Brief facts

Total budget 2023: SEK 110 million
Partners: Linköping University, Lund University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Halmstad University

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