LiU-Humanities coordinates, develops and showcases research at Linköping University. The forum supports research environments within the humanities and social sciences.

LiU Humanities builds network, develops courses for research education, initiates projects and creates the conditions required for innovative interdisciplinary research into continuity and transformation in culture and society. LiU Humanities strives to improve the status of humanities research in a broad sense, and aspires to participate proactively in ongoing transformations of the research landscape.

As a forum for collaboration and the intermediation of research in the humanities, LiU Humanities aims to initiate and promote researcher meetings, exhibitions, public lectures and debates, and to support the development of knowledge laboratories and editorial environments in collaboration with public institutions such as museums and libraries.

Through collaboration with the journal Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, LiU Humanities stimulates discussion relating to the form and preconditions for scientific open-access publication.


List of seminars, spring 2023

Filmed webinars

If you haven't had the opportunity to join our webinars, here are the filmed versions:


Art and Visual Culture

In art history we study objects of art, as well as architecture and design, but also visual culture, advertising and fashion, for example.

Människor i rörelse på en flygplats

Ethnicity and Migration

International migration and ethnic relations is a large multidisciplinary field of research at Linköping University.

Olikfärgade dörrar


Gender research is conducted at LiU, both from a multidisciplinary approach and within different subjects. It is a broad, international and dynamic field.

Naturen vs människan

Green Humanities

Conventional humanities are still largely divided into nature and culture. Research at LiU aims to study the natural world, the environment and ethics in an interdisciplinary fashion, as well as how our identity is formed.

Tourists with guide in front of Coliseum in Rome.


Research on heritage at the Division of Culture, Society, Design and Media at IKOS has a broad focus, including the study of oral history, digitization, musealisation and education.

Detail of


At Linköping University it is primarily the last centuries of history that is being explored but there are also representatives of older periods.

Två tjejer sitter på kafé med sina telefoner

Language and Communication

Language is the primary means of human communication. At Linköping University, we study both the structure and usage of language.

Person sitter och läser en bok


At Linköping University we study literature primarily from two perspectives: the history of European literature and the history of media and technology.

Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics

We gather, strengthen, and develop research, teaching, and collaboration with the society around us, within the areas of medical humanities and bioethics.

Typography types

Mediated Culture

Research on mediated culture at the Division of Culture, Society, Design and Media at IKOS has a broad focus, including the study of both the media texts themselves as well as their production, dissemination, use and regulation.

Händer som sträcker sig upp i luften i solnedgång.


Throughout time and in all corners of the earth, religion has had an important function in people's lives and societies. At Linköping University we conduct research into the history of religion, Christianity and biblical studies.

Research on Children

LiU is home to extensive research on children, young people and perspectives on childhood. The research is multidisciplinary and is conducted at several different institutions.