LiU Humanities - a forum for interdisciplinary research and collaboration

LiU-Humanities coordinates, develops and showcases research at Link√∂ping University. The forum supports research environments within the humanities and social sciences.  

LiU Humanities builds network, develops courses for research education, initiates projects and creates the conditions required for innovative interdisciplinary research into continuity and transformation in culture and society. LiU Humanities strives to improve the status of humanities research in a broad sense, and aspires to participate proactively in ongoing transformations of the research landscape.

As a forum for collaboration and the intermediation of research in the humanities, LiU Humanities aims to initiate and promote researcher meetings, exhibitions, public lectures and debates, and to support the development of knowledge laboratories and editorial environments in collaboration with public institutions such as museums and libraries.

Through collaboration with the journal Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, LiU Humanities stimulates discussion relating to the form and preconditions for scientific open-access publication.

PhD course "Reimagining the Humanities" 3 + 7 credits
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With this course we invite LiU doctoral candidates as well as PhD students from other Swedish, European and international universities to enroll in the intensive four-day mutual reflection on the present and future of the humanities across various departments and disciplines. The detailed course schedule with lecture specific literature will be announced in due time.


February 25 – 28, 2020


Linköping University, Norrköping Campus, Norrköping, Sweden

Deadline for applications:

January 15, 2020

Applications should be sent to:

Administrator Olga Zabalueva ( and/or course coordinator Madina Tlostanova (

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