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"The Past Can't Heal Us: The Dangers of Mandating Memory in the Name of Human Rights"Show/Hide content

Book presentation and online discussion with te author, Dr. Lea David.


October 22, 2020, 10.15-12.00 CET


Online. For Zoom link, contact

About Dr. Lea David

Lea David is an Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at the School of Sociology, University College Dublin (UCD). She is a comparative historical sociologist with a strong interdisciplinary background in cultural anthropology and history. Previously, Lea David held several postdoctoral fellowships such as the Fulbright fellowship, the Rabin fellowship, the Jonathan Shapira fellowship, the Marie Curie Research Fellowship and the VATAT fellowship (Israeli Fellowship for the Most Promising Young Israeli Scholar). She completed her PhD at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben Gurion University, Israel. She has published a number of peer-reviewed articles, book chapters in edited volumes, and opinion pieces in English, Hebrew and Serbo-Croatian. Her book “The Past Can’t Heal Us: The Dangers of Mandating Memory in the Name of Human Rights” just got published (2020) with Cambridge University Press.

Lea David is a Co-Chair (together with Dr Gruia Badescu and Taylor McConnell) of the Critical Thinking on Memory and Human Rights Research Group within the Memory Studies Association (MSA). Her research interests cover memory, nationalism, human rights, ideologies, solidarity, activism, the intersection between the Holocaust and genocide, and conflicts in the former Yugoslav countries and in Israel/Palestine. 

The recent blog post by Lea David about the book:

Webinar: "The Monument's Fall": Contested Memories, Social Movements and Public Art in Nordics and beyond Show/Hide content

If you didn't have the opportunity to join the webinar, here's a filmed version!

Webinar "The Monument's Fall": Contested Memories, Social Movements and Public Art in Nordics and beyond

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