Seminars and lectures at IAS

The Institute for Analytical Sociology, IAS, arranges research seminars every week, usually on Thursdays between 11.00-12:30

The topics discussed often focus on the core areas of IAS -- analytical sociology, organizational dynamics, segregation dynamics, and cultural dynamics -- but seminars also focus on other topics, including general theory and research methods.

In addition, we arrange various lectures and workshops featuring leading researchers in sociology and other disciplines from around the world.
Our events are open to everyone and we very much look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Venue: Kopparhammaren 2, third floor, room KO301, Campus Norrköping. Notice that the seminar on October 25 is held in room KO202.

Thursday seminars:

30.08 Karen Haandrikman, Stockholm University
Socio-economic segregation in European cities. A comparative study of Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen

06.09 Sirus Dehdari,Uppsala University
Economic distress and support for far-right parties – Evidence from Sweden

13.09 Zsofia Boda, ETH Zürich
Observed race, self-identified race, and social ties

20.09 Francisco Jose León, Medina University of Girona
I grew it. Did I explain it? Unraveling the generative process in agent‑based models

27.09 Annika Elwert, Lund University
Home is where the heart is: Patterns of cross-national marriages

04.10 Giangiacomo Bravo, Linnaeus University
Altruism vs. greed in climate change mitigation experiments

11.10 Karoly Takacs, Hungarian Academy of Science, Centre for Social Sciences
The dynamics of positive and negative relations in classrooms with mixed ethnic composition in Hungary

18.10 Love Börjeson, Hyresgästförening (the Swedish Union of Tenants)
What do we write about, when we write about management? Topical and national specificity of management studies

25.10 Sven Banisch, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
From structured attitudes to political spaces: towards empirically informed models of opinion dynamics

01.11 Achim Edelmann, University of Bern
Cultural classifications as moderates of social influence

08.11 Stine Møllegaard, University of Copenhagen
The role of cognitive skills and non-cognitive traits in the genetics of education

15.11 Tak Wing Chan, University College London
Understanding the social and cultural bases of Brexit

22.11 Janos Kertesz, Central European University, Department of Network and Data
Science Human behavior from communication data

29.11 Xavier de Luna, Umeå University
Longitudinal studies with linked register data: some methodological challenges and solutions

06.12 Matthias Studer, University of Geneva
Validating typologies in sequences analysis using null models

13.12 Ridhi Kashyap, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Measuring global gender inequality indicators with online data


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