Seminars and lectures at IAS

The Institute for Analytical Sociology, IAS, arranges research seminars every week, usually on Thursdays between 11.00-12:30

The topics discussed often focus on the core areas of IAS -- analytical sociology, organizational dynamics, segregation dynamics, and cultural dynamics -- but seminars also focus on other topics, including general theory and research methods.

In addition, we arrange various lectures and workshops featuring leading researchers in sociology and other disciplines from around the world.
Our events are open to everyone and we very much look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Venue: Kopparhammaren 2, third floor, room KO301, Campus Norrköping.

Thursday seminars:

31.01 Moses Boudourides University of Patras
Longitudinal network micro-analysis of bibliometric data of publications on “Computational Social Science” from 1999 to 2018

7.02 María Pereda RWTH Aachen University
Machine learning analysis of networks on Euclidean hyperspherical spaces

21.02 Michael Grätz Stockholm University
Sibling similarity in income: A life course perspective

28.02 Jani Erola University of Turku
The importance of compensation in intergenerational attainment: Bringing findings together

7.03 Staffan I Lindberg University of Gothenburg
Varieties of democracy (V-Dem) methods, sequences and outcomes: Has research on democracy been misguided for 60 years?

14.03 Rense Nieuwenhuis Stockholm University
In it together? Fostering women’s earnings to reduce inequality between households

21.03 Anna Rotkirch Population Research Institute, Finland
When should I become a parent? Economic and biosocial trade-offs independently shape reproductive timing in contemporary Finland

28.03 Jesper Roine Stockholm School of Economics
Women in the top of the income distribution: Evidence from Sweden

4.04 Tiina Ristikari National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
Visualizing the dynamics of social exclusion using a register-based follow-up of the 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort

11.04 Elizabeth Bruch University of Michigan
How and why online dating experiences differ across U.S. cities

25.04 Seok-Woo Kwon University of Calgary
The role of generations in explaining entrepreneurship trends: Assessment of period and cohort effects

2.05 Jacob Habinek Linköping University
How markets evolve: collective alignment and the rise of subprime mortgage finance, 1998–2007

9.05 Richard Breen University of Oxford
Estimating the heterogeneous effects of entry into motherhood on subjective well-being

16.05 Christopher Winship Harvard University
To be announced

23.05 Venla Bernelius University of Helsinki
The dynamics of drifting apart: Segregation, education and urban policies in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region

13.06 Anette Fasang Humboldt-University Berlin & WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Life course trajectories and wealth accumulation in the United States: Comparing baby boomers and millennials






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