Seminars and lectures at IAS

The Institute for Analytical Sociology, IAS, arranges research seminars every week, usually on Thursdays between 11.00-12:30

The topics discussed often focus on the core areas of IAS -- analytical sociology, organizational dynamics, segregation dynamics, and cultural dynamics -- but seminars also focus on other topics, including general theory and research methods.

In addition, we arrange various lectures and workshops featuring leading researchers in sociology and other disciplines from around the world.
Our events are open to everyone and we very much look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Venue: Kopparhammaren 2, third floor, room KO301, Campus Norrköping.

Time: 11:00-12:30

Thursday seminars: Note: all seminars are cancelled

Due to the corona pandemic all seminars are cancelled during the spring.

30/1 Friedolin Merhout, Duke University
Using experiments and automated text analysis to study the mechanism of backfire effects in correcting misperceptions

6/2 Adel Daoud, Harvard University
The rise of machine learning in the social sciences: New opportunities and pitfalls

13/2 Hanno Kruse, University of Cologne
Crosscutting social circles and boundary making in schools

20/2 Zhiyan Wu , Rotterdam School of Management
West imprint on the east: Historical origins, informal institutions and the rise of philanthropic organizations in China

27/2 Mingshu Wang, University of Twente
Ride-sharing accessibility and built environments

5/3 Mark Alexander Conley, The Stockholm School of Economics
The motivation of mission statements: How regulatory mode influences workplace discrimination

12/3 Chris Fowler, Penn State University
Who are the people in my neighborhood? Race, scale, and the search for contextual effects

19/3 Mathew Creighton, University College Dublin  - CANCELLED!
The role of education in anti-immigrant sentiment: Experimental and observational approaches

26/3 Sabino Kornrich, New York University Abu Dhabi - CANCELLED!
Conditionality and consensus on norms about marriage in the United States: A nationally stratified factorial survey experiment

2/4 Beate Volker, University of Amsterdam
Lost letters and imagined social structures. New directions of research on networks and social capital in the era of big data

16/4 Andreas Flache, University of Groningen
Social mechanisms linking segregation and polarization: Insights from computer simulation studies and empirical research

23/4 Stoyan V. Sgourev, ESSEC Business School
Burning the bridges: Authenticity, innovation and transgression in Norwegian black metal

30/4 Isidro Maya Jariego, Sevilla University
Place, time and contexts in the structure of personal networks of immigrants and other people in transition

7/5 Jose Luis Molina, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Do transnational fields matter? A critical account

14/5 Wojtek Przepiorka, Utrecht University
Testing sociological theories with online market data

11/6 Jonas Wallin, Lund University
Merging correlated independent variables: Clustered variable selection with SLOPE

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