Seminars and lectures at IAS

The Institute for Analytical Sociology, IAS, arranges research seminars every week, usually on Thursdays between 11.00-12:30

The topics discussed often focus on the core areas of IAS -- analytical sociology, organizational dynamics, segregation dynamics, and cultural dynamics -- but seminars also focus on other topics, including general theory and research methods.

In addition, we arrange various lectures and workshops featuring leading researchers in sociology and other disciplines from around the world.
Our events are open to everyone and we very much look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Venue: Kopparhammaren 2, third floor, room KO301, Campus Norrköping.

Thursday seminars:

5/9 Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, University of New Mexico
Houses are everything: Value fluidity and the case of the housing market

12/9 Petri Ylikoski, University of Helsinki
Explanation, prediction, and understanding

19/9 Time: 15.30–17.00 Joscha Legewie, Harvard University
Racial bias in policing and the consequences for minority youth. Lessons from ”Big data”

26/9 Xiaowen Dong, University of Oxford
Urban segregation in behaviour: A data-driven approach

3/10 Fabien Accominotti, London School of Economics and Political Science
How the reification of merit breeds inequality: Theory and experimental evidence

10/10 Johannes Wachs, RWTH Aachen University
Network approaches to the study of corruption

17/10 David Garcia, Medical University of Vienna & CSH Faculty
Collective emotions and social resilience in the digital traces after a terrorist attack

24/10 David Schoch, The Univerity of Manchester
Leveling ties in two-mode networks

7/11 Thijs Bol, University of Amsterdam
The origins of gender equality in science funding

14/11 Moritz Marbach, ETH Zürich - CANCELLED!
The economic and political consequences of employment bans for refugees

21/11 Andrea Voyer, Stockholm University
Returning to manners as data: Computational approaches to the study of social norms

28/11 Flaminio Squazzoni, University of Milan
Can transparency undermine peer review? A computational model of scientist behavior under open peer review

5/12 Miranda Lubbers, Autonomous University of Barcelona - CANCELLED!
Segregation in broader sociality networks: The benefits and disadvantages of the Network Scale-Up Method

12/12 Thomas Grund, University College Dublin
The duality of social context and social mechanisms





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