The research project Sexual harassment within the police: Crime victims, crime investigations and crime prevention examines how sexual harassment is experienced, dealt with and prevented within the police.

The project includes three sub-projects that focus on:

  1. Sexual harassment and abuse within the police force from the perspective of crime victims. We ask: how are testimonies about sexual harassment and abuse dealt with within the police? To what extent do police officers who experience harassment speak up about their experiences, with whom and in which contexts? In this sub-project, we interview employees and former employees as well as student in the police training programme about their experiences of sexual harassment within the police and police education. We also analyse the testimonies from the two #metoo calls from the Swedish police in 2017 and 2020.
  2. Case management of sexual harassment and abuse within the Police Authority and the Police Union from the perspective of crime investigation. We examine to which extent sexual harassment is reported within the organisation and the reasoning behind the choice to report or not. We also analyse the management of cases and reports of sexual harassment by the Police Authority and Police Union, the documentation, measures and follow-up of these cases.
  3. How sexual harassment and abuse is raised in the police training programme, to study this topic from a perspective of crime prevention. In this sub-project, we participate in classes about sexual harassment in the police training programme, and interview teachers, course coordinators and students about the preventive work against sexual harassment in the training programme.

The project moreover aims at strengthening the competence within the police to meet and support crime victims, both internally within the police force, and also externally in their professional practice when meeting victims of sexual violence.

The project is funded by the Swedish Crime Victim Fund during the period 2022-2025.