This is how LiU contributes to society

Our ambition is to provide solutions for the great challenges of our time. That’s why many LiU researchers collaborate with industry, the public sector and civil society. Here you can read about our "impact cases” – that is, research that has made a difference out in society.

 Linköping University brings skills and new knowledge to society. Through our research, we look for solutions to contemporary challenges, together with other actors in wider society. We make a splash – locally, regionally and globally.

But what does this look like in practice? Here are some examples of how we’ve achieved results by

  • strengthening core functions of society
  • establishing new arenas and networks for knowledge exchange
  • designing tools and methods that give concrete support to decision-makers
  • helping to identify the knowledge that is needed in the future
  • inspiring learning and promoting civic engagement
  • developing smart technological solutions and making them accessible

Examples of how our research affects society

Collaboration at Linköping university