Programmer works by the computer
Tove Frisk
This course will enhance your understanding of Machine Learning through supervised learning. As a participant you use a research-based tutorial to realize a project with the guidance of academic tutors. 

Target group

The course is designed for professionals with a master’s degree in engineering (civilingenjörsexamen), or equivalent background. Knowledge in Automation of CAD and API programming is required.  

About the course

Course content

This course will give you an introduction to how tools within Machine Learning can be used to enhance the degree of automation in repetitive processes. It provides further insights into how these tools enable more effective product development processes for customized production. The course focuses on:

  • How user- and customer data kan be used to automize construction processes
  • Data driven automation strategies through different various supervised learning methods.

Teaching and working methods

This is an online course, including teacher-led lectures and tutoring sessions. The participants also engage in self-studies and practical application through an independent project. Participants work through a tutorial to achieve a technical realization and they identify an industry-relevant problem that is specified to a project with relevance for supervised learning in mechanical engineering. This project will be realized during the course, with support from academic tutors. At the tutoring sessions, participants will get the opportunity to discuss theory and practical applications, as well as get support in their independent project work. To receive a certificate of study, an approved examination and 75% attendance in teaching is required.

Commissioned education course

This is one of LiUs courses within commissioned education for professionals. The fee is payed by your employer. LiU can also offer tailored commissioned education for professionals, feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Download tutorial - free of charge

The course is based on the contents of a tutorial for Machine Learning in the product development process, developed as a part of LiU research on AI and smart programs. You can download the tutorial already today, free of charge.

Conceptual design and manufacturing drawings

This tutorial includes instructions and data for supervised learning in 2D construction drawings.

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