Human Movement Science - Analysis of mechanisms, movement function and pain

Fysioterapeut behandlar ryggpatient på brits.

Our research in the field of human movement science aims to improve knowledge of movement system function in healthy individuals as well as individuals with functional impairments due to sickness of injury. Our research utilizes methods for measuring and analyzing the mechanisms required for function and activity of the human system.

The following functions supporting the human movement system are studied: Neurophysiology, musculoskeletal structure and function, joint stability, postural control, balance, movement coordination and gait. Even cardiovascular and respiratory function and biological markers are studied.

Research areas:

  • Neck muscle structure and function (Anneli Peolsson)
  • Pelvic floor muscle function in relation to back pain (Birgitta Öberg, Jenny Sjödahl)
  • Knee function (Joanna Kvist, Sofi Sonesson)
  • Movement system function in patient with back pain and deformity (Allan Abbott)
  • Analysis of sensory function (Birgitta Öberg, Allan Abbott, Paul Enthoven)
  • Hand function (Joanna Kvist)


Research Area