My research primarily concerns to evaluate cost-, energy-, and resource efficiency in a life cycle perspective.

The projects I participate in are applied and performed in co-creation with industrial partners. The research take place in an interdisciplinary environment, where the research questions are approached and investigated from different perspectives and using several methods, qualitative as well as quantitative. The main methods I use are life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC).

The projects I am, or recently have been, involved in covers a diversity of areas. For example, functional sales of indoor lighting, using AI to develop maintenance strategies, a new method for mineral and metal extraction, and electric non-road mobile machinery.

I also have extensive experience in research on transport and infrastructure, such as life cycle assessment of roads, road surface characteristics and the effect on rolling resistance and traffic fuel use, efficient use of engine heaters and the effect on electricity use due to longer and heavier freight trains.

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Present and recent projects

Electrified Material Handling

The project´s intention is to perform three fossil- and emission-free system solution demonstrations for medium-sized work machines while maintaining productivity and customer acceptance. Read more about the project Electrified Material Handling

Circular workwear in construction and industry

In the project, the legal, economic, and environmental pros and cons with modular work wear are evaluated. The perspectives of the distributor and customers are covered as well as the users’ perceived value of the clothes. read more about the project Circular workwear in construction and industry

Adapt 2030

Adaptive lifecycle design by applying digitalization and AI techniques to production. The project will develop a method and two demonstrators as “proof of concept” showing the process and value of lifecycle digitalization.Read more about the project Adapt 2030

Electric Site Research Project

The aim was to electrify each transport stage in a quarry – from excavation to primary crushing, and transport to secondary crushing –demonstrate the viability and evaluate the outcome. The system’s efficiency, safety and environmental benefits are set to impact both customers and society at large. Read more about the project Electric Site Research Project


New Application of AI for Services in Maintenance towards a Circular Economy. The project created an inventory of AI techniques for maintenance services, applied AI techniques to three industrial cases, and evaluated their economic and environmental implications.Read more about the project SIMON

Functional sales of indoor lighting

The project aims to examine the legal aspects related to product service systems (PSS) and the environmental and economic effects resulting from the legal regulation. The survey aims to obtain knowledge about how PSS models should be designed to facilitate and stimulate business development and commercialization of more energy efficient, environmental and economic solutions than those provided today.

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Publications in collaboration with external partners 

  • Carlson, A., Vieira, T., Eriksson, O. (2021). Fordonsemissionsmodellen PHEM - Förstudie om att inkludera vägytans betydelse för rullmotstånd och bränsleförbrukning. (Vehicle emissions model PHEM. A preliminary study on the possibility to include the effect of road surface characteristics for rolling resistance and fuel consumption) VTI rapport 1074, Statens Väg och Transportforskningsinstitut.
  • Carlson, A., Vieira, T. (2021). The effect of water and snow on the road surface on rolling resistance. VTI rapport 971A, Statens Väg och Transportforskningsinstitut.
  • Eriksson, O., Carlson, A. (2021). Förenklad bränsleförbrukningsfunktion - Fokus på vägytans betydelse. (Simplified fuel consumption function. Focus on the importance of the road surface) VTI rapport 1076, Statens Väg och Transportforskningsinstitut.
  • Moghaddam, E., Carlson, A. (2021). Assessment of the energy performance and environmental impacts with a life cycle perspective of the HX autonomous electric hauler. Final report to the funding body Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Kans, M., Arvidsson, H., Campos, J., Carlson, A., Håkansson, L., Johansson, B., Johansson, R., Liljenfors, T., Thulin, S., Tullberg, J., (2021). Handbok - Hållbara grusvägar. (Handbook – Sustainable unbound roads)
  • Carlson, A. (2020). Disposable or rechargeable AA batteries? – Climate impact in a life cycle perspective. Final report to the commissioner.

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