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Jelena Kurilova

Assistant Professor

My research helps companies to initiate remanufacturing on their original products by focusing of production system, business model, product, and customer. By applying lean principles and practices a more efficient remanufacturing can be achieved.

REMANUFACTURIZATION: Shift to Remanufacturing

A Sustainable Strategy to depart from Linear to Circular economy for manufacturers and product owners.

Jelena has expertise in production systems and business models for remanufacturing; she helps industries to shift to remanufacturing to become more sustainable. By applying an analytical tool, called RemometerTM, manufacturing industries and product owners can assess their potential with remanufacturing: preconditions (for example, product suitability for remanufacturing), Remanufacturing Readiness Level (RRL) and estimate their economic, environmental and social benefits with remanufacturing. Jelena has experience in assisting industries in transformation to a business model where remanufacturing is treaded as a sustainable strategy for technical products.

Jelena has an industrial and experience of lean manufacturing and an academic competence in a production system with remanufacturingDuring her doctoral studies (2013–2018), she focused on developing appropriate lean improvements for challenges in the remanufacturing process. 

Jelena has worked in several national and international research projects: KEAP (2013-2016), Åter Produkt (2013-2016), ARR (2018-2020), SE: Kond2LIFE (2019-2022) as well as was the main project applicant/leader for ElevatoRe (2018-2019), iCURE (2020),  and Remometer (2020-2021).

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Managing Editor for the Journal of Remanufacturing, Springer Nature

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  • TMMI47 – Production Development
  • TMPS27 – Production Systems
  • TMPS31 – Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Bachelor and Master thesis supervision

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