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Erik Sundin


Erik conducts research on manufacturing and remanufacturing towards a sustainable future.
Research is applied in manufacturing industry and through a large international collaboration.

Sustainable manufacturing with focus on circular economy and remanufacturing

Erik has long experience of research on circular economy and remanufacturing. He wrote his PhD thesis in 2004 entitled Product and Process Design for Successful Remanufacturing. His dissertation is popular (downloaded more than 20 000 times) since it is not many dissertations written about remanufacturing. Most of Erik’s research has been focusing on remanufacturing but lately the subject of sustainable manufacturing and product service systems has also been researched. Within product service systems Erik is one of the top 5 most cited authors.



Erik has been working within several national and international research projects. He has also arranged international conferences on remanufacturing (ICoR) and product service systems (IPS).

International collaborations

Erik has been working within several international research projects where he has participated in 5 European Union projects that focuses on improving the preconditions and competitiveness for remanufacturing companies. He has also arranged international conferences on remanufacturing (ICoR) and product service systems (IPS).

International projects

National research collaborations

Nationally Erik is leading and participating in several research projects on circular economy and remanufacturing. Much focus has lately been on how to best use life cycle information about products to facilitate remanufacturing and design-for-remanufacturing. He is also leading a project on sustainable manufacturing were an industrial cleaning and drying machine is developed using nothing but very clean water.

National projects

  • ARR – Automation in Repair and Remanufacturing
  • SQID – Sustainable and Qlean Industry Demonstrator
  • Mistra REES - Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on circular economy thinking
  • RemProLife - Efficient Remanufacture through Use of Lean principles and Product Life-cycle data
  • KEAP - Design for Remanufacture through Efficient Use of Product Life-cycle data

Do you want to read more about Erik and his projects, see his CV.

Research projects



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Johan Vogt Duberg, Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene, Erik Sundin (2023) Areas investigated when initiating OEM remanufacturing - a case of robotic lawn mowers Procedia CIRP, Vol. 116, p. 600-605 Continue to DOI


The world's first ISO standards for a circular economy have arrived

Several researchers from the Linköping University have participated in the work to develop the world’s first ISO standards for a circular economy. The goal is a more sustainable society.

Two female student, dissasembling an Ikea product.

Students disassemble Ikea products

This is part of a research project in which LiU students get to collaborate with the Swedish furniture giant. The students document possibility of repairing, replacing and reusing.

Autumn at the Campus Valla and bikes.

Research at IEI holds a high standard

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