Jane Holstein

Jane Holstein

Assistant Lecturer

I have experience of course coordination and group tutoring, both on first-cycle level projects and on modules concerning design & entrepreneurship (occupational therapy). As doctoral student I focus on instrument development for cultural competence.

Cultural competence for occupational therapists in Sweden

I am a doctoral student working in the project "Instrument Development for Cultural Competence".

The overall aim of my thesis project is to adapt, validate and investigate the usefulness of the Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument (CCAI). This is a self-assessment instrument used to measure the cultural competence of Swedish occupational therapists. The research project is now in its final phase.

Teaching in the Occupational Therapy programme

I am a teacher on the Occupational Therapy programme. I have long experience of supervising tutorial groups. I am the coordinating teacher for diversity and cultural competence. I am also coordinating teacher for components that concern accessibility, participation, entrepreneurship and design. I supervise undergraduate degree projects.

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Excellent inspiration

“Excellent Inspiration” is an award created by Consensus and the branches at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Its aim is to reward employees who inspire students on our programmes in different ways. The award is conferred by the branches, and the recipient chosen by the board of each branch. In 2012 the award went to Jane Holstein of the Occupational Therapy programme and Patrik Rytterström of the Nursing programme in Norrköping.

Academic qualifications

  • Registered occupational therapist 2005
  • MSc in occupational therapy 2010

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