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Jane Holstein


I am an occupational therapist, teacher and researcher. I work mostly with education of future occupational therapists. My research area have a focus on cultural competence for Health Care professionals, for instance occupational therapists.

Cultural competence for Health care professionals in Sweden

The Swedish version of Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument (CCAI-S) can be used both in research as a data collection instrument and as a clinically applied instrument in various activities. Several research projects linked to the instrument are currently underway.

Teaching at Linköping University

I teach at the Occupational Therapy programme, undergraduate level, and in occupational therapy at the advanced level as well as within the Master's program in medical science with a focus on E-health. I have a lot of experience of supervising in tutorial groups and I am coordinating teacher for areas related to diversity, cultural competence, accessibility, participation, entrepreneurship and design.







Excellent inspiration and academic qualifications

Excellent inspiration

“Excellent Inspiration” is an award created by Consensus and the branches at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Its aim is to reward employees who inspire students on our programmes in different ways. The award is conferred by the branches, and the recipient chosen by the board of each branch. In 2012 the award went to Jane Holstein of the Occupational Therapy programme and Patrik Rytterström of the Nursing programme in Norrköping.

Academic qualifications

  • Registered occupational therapist 2005
  • MSc in occupational therapy 2010

Collaboration with researchers in Occupational therapy