Photo of Jonathan Pakvis

Jonathan Pakvis

Communications Officer

Communications for NAISS, the new academic infrastructure for supercomputing in Sweden.

Communications Officer, NAISS

NAISS is the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden, a new national organisation that is hosted by Linköping University. During 2024-2025 NAISS will be procuring and installing a new supercomputer, Arrhenius, at Campus Valla.

I'm providing NAISS with a wide range of communications services, such as

  • Writing a communication plan
  • Developing and updating (WordPress)
  • Editing and layouting annual reports
  • Communication related to major events such as conferences
  • Writing news stories and editing texts
  • Establishing a LinkedIn presence for NAISS
  • Sourcing images and photographing

I belong to the Research Communications and Media Relations Unit, under the Communications and Marketing Division at Linköping University.



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