Photo of Ebba Nordqvist

Ebba Nordqvist

Communications Officer

I am employed as a communicator at the Communication and Marketing Department and work at the Department of Economic and Industrial Development and the innovation environment Agtech Sweden.

With a focus on communication and content production

In my role as a communicator, I work with creating content in different ways, mainly in social media and web. My position is divided, 60% at Agtech Sweden and 40% at IEI.

My assignment 

  • Content and planning for social media 
  • Producing moving material 
  • Photography 
  • Producing newsletters
  • Graphic design 
  • Personal portraits 
  • Web 
    web editor at 

My workplaces

Communicators at Department of Management and Engineering (IEI)

Co-workers at Research Communication and Media Relations (FOKOM)