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Sara Läthén

Communications Officer

I work with communication at platform AI.

Communications Officer at platform AI

I work as a communications officer at what we call platform AI at Linköping University, which can be found at I also work with communication in a European AI research project.

Artificial intelligence at Linköping University

Linköping University has AI expertise at all departments and there is a lot of exciting things happening in AI at the university. I have built and am developing which shows the many different parts of AI at the university. Also, I do a recurring newsletter about AI at Linköping University. Please send me an email if you have some news or event about AI. For major news and/or news that needs to be published quickly, contact

I am also part of AI Competence communication group. AI Competence is a national initiative for education and competence development in artificial intelligence. We are ten universities working together.

Platform AI – artificial intelligence at Linköping University

My colleagues in the work with platform AI

My co-workers at Research Communications and Media Relations

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