Digital communication

I am working with a LiU common intranet, student intranet, web and newsletters.

  • I build and develop and produce a newsletter for Linköping University’s artificial intelligence initiative.
  • I am going through the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA)'s intranet and restructuring and creating pages for the information in a new LiU common intranet and a new student intranet. Also, I support with developing the departments web pages at
  • I am also working with WASP - Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program at
  • I am part of a group that develops a draft for the university's research communication strategy. Among other things, we have worked with researchers in focus groups.
  • In a test environment, I test newly developed functions and fixed bugs in our web system for

Main areas of work

Digital communication.

Currently, I work for

Coworkers at Research Communications and Media Relations

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