Local development policy of the periphery

I am assistant professor in human geography at the Center for Local Government Studies. As a researcher, I am primarily interested in local politics, planning and development in areas with geographical disadvantages.

In several studies, I have explored how political organizations translate ideas and visions about the future into practical action. Currently, I work in two main research fields:

The politics, voices and movements of the periphery

All over the world there are places that are slowly being inhabited by fewer and fewer people. Many such areas are characterized by so-called geographical disadvantages – for example, long distances, small domestic market, poorer access to services and low tax power. In my research, I strive to understand the policy and idea development that takes place in these geographies. Are there any ideas about development based on the conditions of the peripheral locations? How do parallel and competing stories about the people who live and work in the periphery arise and work? When and why is the periphery portrayed as entrepreneurial and creative, as nationalist, traditional and conservative, or as a place of sustainability and green transition? What political values and ideas are expressed by citizens engaged in local politics in these areas?

During the end of 2022, I will start the study Goals for local development in areas with geographical disadvantages. Here I examine what goals are formulated for the local development work in areas with geographical disadvantages. How do development policy goals arise and what support do these goals have? Do the goals differ between places? Do different actors give voice to different goals? Are the goals linked to the geographical conditions? If so, how - in what way? The study is financed by Länsförsäkringar's research fund.

Local development policy and planning

In the work on my thesis What kind of regionalism? I established an interest in local and regional development policy. I have developed that further in several different studies since then. At poresent, I follow a government initiative launched in 2018, which meant that 39 municipalities in support area A are awarded just under two million kroner each per year, to work with business development and business climate. I examine what the municipalities choose to do with these funds, and how they justify their choice of interventions. The study is financed by the Swedish Agency for Growth.
In a smaller project, together with Ulf Ramberg at Lund University, I investigate how the conditions for the creation and execution of the municipal mission vary between different municipalities with different demographic and structural conditions. Creation of policy focuses on the early stages of local politics, such as agenda setting, negotiation, problem formulation, etc. The implementation of policy focuses on how political decisions are introduced in the organization, from how resources are prioritized and responsibilities are distributed to follow-up. The study is financed by Kommuninvest.






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