Optimal use of ionising radiation for diagnostic therapeutic purposes

My research interest focuses on:

  • Radiation dosimetry in radiology and radiological interventions
  • Optimisation of radiological examinations with respect to image quality and patient doses
  • Quantitative computed tomography for more accurate radiotherapy

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T. Siiskonen, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, J. Dabin, A. Diklic, J. Domienik-Andrzejewska, J. Farah, J. M. Fernandez, A. Gallagher, C. J. Hourdakis, S. Jurkovic, H. Jarvinen, J. Jarvinen, Z. Knezevic, C. Koukorava, C. Maccia, M. Majer, F. Malchair, L. Riccardi, C. Rizk, R. Sanchez, Michael Sandborg, M. Sans Merce, D. Segota, J. Sierpowska, G. Simantirakis, L. Sukupova, Z. Thrapsanioti, E. Vano (2018) Establishing the European diagnostic reference levels for interventional cardiology Physica medica (Testo stampato) , Vol. 54 , s. 42-48 Continue to DOI

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