24 August 2021

On Wednesday 8 September, new and current students are welcome to the Kalas event. “Of course we hope that every student attends”, says Ronja Isaksson, one of this year’s two Kalas generals.

For the second year running, the event will be held online. Experiences from last year’s digital fair were positive, so this time the ambitions are even higher.
“New this year is that we’re also organising a digital fair. In the afternoon the students can visit digital stands where local businesses and all sorts of different organisations present themselves” says Elias Forsblom, the other Kalas general.

Reaching international students

The two The two "Kalas Generals" Ronja Isaksson and Elias Forsblom. Photo credit Magnus JohanssonIn the evening there will be a live show, broadcast from Studenthuset on Campus Valla, hosted by author and TV presenter Clara Henry. There will also be two satellite studios: one at the Trappan student union building in Norrköping and one at the student union building Örat on the University Hospital Campus.
“All students are welcome of course, but we’re especially focussed on the new students”, says Ronja Isaksson.
Some parts of the event will be presented in English, and everything will be subsequently subtitled in English and posted on LiU’s YouTube channel.

Busy days

For the two Kalas generals, these are busy days. Elias Forsblom is in year three of the Statistics and Data Analysis programme, and Ronja Isaksson is in year three of the Communication, Society, Media Production Programme, KSM.
“We’ve been working on this since May. There’s tons to do, and we’re delighted with the huge interest from all the businesses and organisations in Östergötland”, says Elias Forsblom.
Ronja views the assignment as good practice for her future career.
“I’m training to be a project leader and producer in media, so this is a good way to try out things on a large scale. Now we’re crossing our fingers that this year’s Kalas will be a success.”

More about this year's Kalas

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