Guest researchers from Glasgow explored new perspectives

The Center for Medical Humanities and Bioethics welcomed four PhD students from the University of Glasgow through the prestigious "Turing Mobility Scheme." During their one-month stay, they had the opportunity to collaborate, attend seminars, and immerse themselves in the vibrant environment at LiU.

Alice Langley and Jean-Pierre Roux is standing by a concrete wall. Alice Langley and Jean-Pierre Roux, visiting PhD students from the University of Glasgow. Jenny Widén

Alice Langley, who is exploring the use of creative writing as a tool for individuals who have experienced miscarriage, found LiU to be the perfect environment for her project. She highlights the significance of being in a specialised and supportive setting:
– Being somewhere that specialised in medical humanities felt really important in the creation of my project. Alice appreciated her mentor, Sofia Morberg Jämterud, for shaping her project and the valuable interactions with researchers in similar fields. She also found inspiration in hearing about other researchers' projects.

New insights and experiences

Jean-Pierre Roux's research focuses on the complex relationship between humans and technology in the realm of public policing. His experience at Linköping University allowed him to explore different perspectives and methodologies.
– The culture here is great because people take lunch breaks and fikas and are happy to speak to you. I attended seminars and spoke to people at different levels who are grappling with similar questions, says Jean-Pierre. He acknowledges the positive influence of LiU's environment and aims to integrate those lessons into his research back in Glasgow.

Supportive atmosphere

The welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Linköping University played a significant role in the students' experiences.
– Linköping University is a beautiful place and feels very supportive. It's a place that's very generative of ideas and encouraging, Alice says. Jean-Pierre echoes this sentiment, expressing his gratitude for the friendly and receptive nature of the people he encountered during his visit.

Returning with a fresh perspective

As the exchange programme comes to a close, Alice, Jean-Pierre, and their fellow PhD students from the University of Glasgow are returning to their home institution with a fresh perspective on their research projects. Their visit sheds light on the dynamics of the unique research environment at CMHB and the Department of Thematic Studies and underscores the commitment to nurturing a collaborative and inspiring research environment.

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