Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MEDFAK)

We conduct research and education in medicine, nursing and public health.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences engages in a broad range of scientific activities ranging from basic biomedical and experimental clinical research to applied clinical studies and education and research within the fields of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, medical pedagogy, and public health.


Exciting research and discoveries


Young adults around a big table working with colourful papers.

Young adults with disabilities and researchers design an app together

Young adults with intellectual disabilities are involved in designing a digital tool that will help them feel better. According to researcher Ulrika Müssener, it goes without saying that users should be asked what they need and want.

Four people working with a gull.

Gulls spread dangerous bacteria around the world

Gulls can sometimes be a nuisance for people who want to enjoy a picnic or an ice cream. They can also be carriers of genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This is shown by the research led by Jonas Bonnedahl.

teenage girl using insulin.

Antiviral drugs could preserve capacity to produce insulin in type 1 diabetes patients

Antiviral drug treatment could preserve the remaining capacity to release insulin in children recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, according to a new study by Scandinavian researchers.


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