Media technology

The image as a carrier for information

Media technology Ida Ling Flanagan

Media technology at LiU deals with images and on the image as a carrier of large quantities of information. The research encompasses everything from graphic design and art, the quality of reproductions and advanced colour theory, to how and with which mathematical models it is possible to visualise different processes on a flat screen as well as in a dome theatre in 3D.

The different tools also have different requirements. The researchers are studying everything from simple touch screens and 2D mouses, to advanced immersive environments where the viewer is completely enclosed and feels like they have been transported to a different place – for example a spherical projection surface or VR environment. 

How human beings interact with images and fabricated environments, through their hearing, touch and vision, is also being studied, as are advanced methods for the photorealistic rendering of image data.

Many of the results of this research are on display to the general public at Visualisation Centre C in Norrköping.