Computer Graphics and Image Processing

The computer graphics and image processing group is driving a number of research projects directed towards the development of theory and methodology for image capture, image analysis and image synthesis.  

A common theme within our projects is to develop algorithms and techniques for measuring and digitizing real environments, lighting conditions and material properties so that this information can be used to simulate the interaction between light and matter in a scene to create photo-realistic computer graphics images.

With a strong foundation in theoretically oriented research, the group is active within a number of demonstrator projects and industrial and academic collaborations directed towards development of state-of-the-art applications within the focus areas. We are currently working with projects directed towards:

  • New algorithms and methodologies for photo realistic image synthesis based on Monte Carlo integration
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging and video capture and statistical image reconstruction
  • Tone mapping and compression of HDR images and video
  • Capture, processing and Light field imaging
  • Appearance capture and modelling of material properties for photo-realistic image synthesis
  • Algorithms and methodology for capture and reconstruction of lighting, geometry and material properties of real scenes based on sensor data




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