Pedagogy (didaktik) and learning

Pedagogy (didaktik) and learning
Pedagogy is found in the field of tension between pedagogical theory and practical experience.

A pedagogical research perspective means a focus on the work of teachers, the learning and knowledge formation of pupils, and includes an interest in understanding how tuition is effectuated and how it affects the pupils' learning and thinking processes, i.e., the relationship between teaching and learning. Part of this is the knowledge building that takes place in the teacher's work, i.e., how professional skills are developed and established.

The research may deal with matters of organisation as well as time and place for teaching, and how the teacher's work, tuition, knowledge dissemination and the pupils' learning processes are formed (facilitated and limited) by the political, cultural and social environments of the educational institution and the world around it; e.g., organisation and management ideologies.

Pedagogy is found in the field of tension between pedagogical theory and practical experience. Pedagogical research can strive to generate knowledge which has theoretical depth and contributes to the implementation of solid, reflective tuition. The latter can be an active part of school development in the collaboration between academia and schools/municipalities, which is also taking place, not least at Linköping University. One important line of research is the teacher as a creator of pedagogical environments.

Other questions are how learning organisations are built up and developed, how teachers cooperate, how teachers and pupils interact, analyses of principals'/headmasters' work and knowledge building.

Pedagogical research at LiU is not based solely on the What, How and Why; it also focuses on the work of players in the sector and learning in the classroom. We can approach these questions with a special interest in the subject (subject-based teaching and learning, see this header) or allow the teacher-pupil relationship to be the dominating factor. The task of the researchers is then to take teachers and pupils as their point of departure, in order to understand how they think, reason and act in practice.