The Swedish National Centre for Science and Technology Education - NATDID


NATDID aims to support the development of education in science and technology by communicating research to Swedish schools.

NATDID wants to make Swedish research on science and technology education more accessible to teachers, by summarising and presenting key findings. We present studies on education and teachers’ experiences of teaching chemistry, physics, biology and technology, from preschool to upper secondary school.

Another important part of NATDID’s work is to offer arenas where teachers and researchers can meet to exchange experiences and ideas. We want to support relationship-building between Swedish schools, academia, teacher-training programmes, interest groups and organisations. To enable exchange through personal encounters, NATDID arranges conferences, meetings, and other forms of physical and digital gatherings.

Our organisation

NATDID was founded in 2015 after the Swedish government assigned Linköping University the task of supporting school development in science and technology. NATDID is led by a board consisting of representatives from Swedish schools and universities. The daily work of NATDID is led by the head of NATDID and several co-workers. The organisation has ambassadors at a number of universities in Sweden, who function as regional contacts for teachers, preschool teachers, and others working in Swedish schools. NATDID is its own working unit with administrative staff and is affiliated with the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL) at Campus Norrköping.

Our collaborations

NATDID cooperates with other Swedish national centres within physics, chemistry, biology and technology concerning matters of research in science and technology education. NATDID also collaborates with the Swedish Institute for Educational Research and the Swedish National Agency for Education.

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