The Swedish National Centre for Science and Technology Education (NATDID)


The aim of NATDID is to support school development in science and technology on the national level.

In order to fulfil this mission, NATDID will communicate research from current research in science and technology education, to those who work in schools. The goal is that teachers should be able to transform educational research into practice, thereby contributing to research-based teaching and learning in schools.

NATDID was founded after a decision from the Swedish government in 2014. Linköping University hosts the centre, which is located at Campus Norrköping, Sweden. The board of NATDID consists of delegates from different universities, as well as from the school context. A director leads the daily work of the centre, together with an assisting director and staff.

One aspect of communicating research concerns identification of available channels for communication. Digital arenas, websites as well as social media, are forums where both teachers and researchers are active. It is important to NATDID to exist where teachers and researchers are present. However, NATDID also believes in the importance of personal encounters: conferences, network meetings, workshops, and inspirational plenary talks, are some examples of how this could be arranged.

One important part of NATDID is establishing and managing networks for the target groups in school, in teacher education, and for relevant groups and organizations. This includes creating conditions for sustainable relationships and dialogue between the target groups.

NATDID has also been charged with coordinating the four Swedish resource centres in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology, regarding issues of research communication.

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