Sustainable Cities

In Sweden and world wide

Norrköping, Sweden Peter Karlsson
Skyline Mexico City
Mexico City Alejandro Islas Photograph AC
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Urban and landfill mining. Peter Modin

Sustainable urban development is a very broad and topical research area at Linköping University. Research here is multidisciplinary and has many different points of departure - technical, economic and sociological. 

Urbanisation is a global phenomenon; more and more people move to cities, which then have an increasing effect on the climate issue as well as the management of common and scarce resources. 

The role of industry in cities is studied, alongside the influence of selected technical systems on human actions. Other important areas of research include mining cities, traffic planning, transport and city logistics, and the role of municipalities in the creation of a sustainable city. Research ranges from studies of cycling, traffic and sustainability in Norrköping and Linköping to the management of resources and sustainable development in the world's mega-cities.