Agora Materiae Graduate School

Terahertz laboratory

The Agora Materiae Graduate School for doctoral students in new functional materials

Since January 2012, the Agora Materiae Graduate School for PhD students has been working to help degree and licentiate students in the research field of novel functional materials, including both hard and soft materials, excel in their fields.

With around 50 members from three departments (IFM, ITN and IEI) and financial support from AFM, the Graduate School is dedicated to offering graduate studies in a true multi disciplinary environment.

Membership for doctoral students in materials-related research

Deltagare Agora MateriaeAgora Materiae Conference 2023 Photo credit Carina Stahre As a member of Agora Materiae, the student will have the opportunity to meet other graduate students working on material related research and create new and important contacts, take part in study visits, both within Sweden and abroad, attend a summer conference organized by the student council or some other members, for the members, take part in monthly seminars where students will present their work, attend courses offered by the graduate school, and hopefully learn a lot while having a great deal of fun.

As a member, you will get the opportunity to sit in the student council for a year and/or organize study visits and/or summer conferences. You will also get a "backpack" of SEK 10 000, which you may spend on attending a conference you want to go to, or a book that you would like to read, for example. The monthly seminars and the summer conference are compulsory events, where as the study visits are optional.

Want to apply for Agora Materiae Graduate School?

A membership for a PhD student costs SEK 10 000 per year. Applying for a membership for the PhD student in Agora Materiae has to be a joint decision of the PhD student and his/her supervisor. To become a member of Agora Materiae, an e-mail should be sent to both Caroline Brommesson and Anna Brodzka by both the PhD student and his/her supervisor. The e-mail should include the name of the PhD student and his/her supervisor, the institution and group to which they belong to, as well as their e-mail addresses.

Already member of Agora?

Members of Agora Materiae can find documents and information at the link below:
Agora Materiae Lisam Area.

Financial support

Activities at Agora

Agora Materiae Conference
Annual conference, a meeting place for PhD students and research.  Carina Stahre

Conferences at Agora Materiae

Summer Conference

Agora organizes annual summer conferences, which are a mandatory part of the doctoral school. The conference is usually a well-liked event that, in addition to bringing all the doctoral candidates together, offers numerous activities. For instance, they have arranged interesting lectures, industry-specific workshops, and presented research within the field of advanced functional materials. Previous conferences have been held at locations such as Vildmarkshotell, Söderköpingsbrunn, Sandviks gård, among others, where relaxation has been combined with cutting-edge research.

Machine in deep mine.
LKAB, Kiruna. Fredric Alm

Study Visits by Agora Materiae

National and International Study Visits

Agora Materiae's members participate in annual study visits within and outside of Sweden, with the aim of broadening their understanding and contextualizing their research. Previous visits have included locations such as the nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn, particularly the facilities of OKG, Clab, and Äspö in Simpevarp. In the northern region, trips to Kiruna have involved visits to IRF, Esrange, EISCAT, and the large mine (LKAB). Another year, Agora visited the VIRGO detector in Pisa, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves. They have also toured DESY in Hamburg, where they were guided through the particle accelerator, among many others.

Management and members of Agora

Alumni of Agora Materiae Graduate School

Our previous students

1.Lars Johnson (2012-10-19)
2.Susann Schmidt (2013-05-08)
3.Chih-Wei Hsu (2013-09-05)
4.Xiaodong Wang (2013-09-18)
5.Robert Eriksson (2013-10-18)
6.Hafiz Mohammad Sohail (2014-04-03)
7.Zhafira Darmastuti (2014-06-03)
8.Daniel Nilsson (2014-06-10)
9.Kang Yuan (2014-10-30)
10.Milan Yazdanfar (2014-10-31)
11.Mikael Segersäll (2014-11-28)
12.Roger Magnusson (2014-12-12)
13.Mikhail Chubarov (2015-02-10)
14.JR-Tai chen (2015-06-09)
15.Sit Kerdsongpanya (2015-06-01)
16.Xuan Thang Trinh (2015-06-02)
17.Xun Li (2015-06-11)
18.Tran Thien Duc (2015-10-26)
19.Zia Ulla Khan (2015-11-12)
20.Jonas Bergqvist (2015-12-17)
21.Mattias Calmunger (2015-12-21)
22.Thomas Fransson (2016-02-19)
23.Christopher Tholander (2016-04-01)
24.Negar Sani (2016-05-13)
25.Linda Karlsson (2016-06-15)
26.Lina Tengdelius (2016-06-17)
27.Hossein Fashandi (2016-10-21)
28.Eiman Nour (2016-11-11)
29.Konstantinos Bakoglidis (2016-11-18)
30.Mathias Forsberg (2016-11-25)
31.Yuan Liu (2016-12-01)
32.Lía Férnandez del Río (2016-12-08)
33.Viktor Elofsson (2017-01-20)
34.Pitsiri Sukkaew (2017-02-16)
35.Zhe Chen (2017-02-17)
36.Pontus Stenberg (2017-02-24)
37.Igor Mosyagin (2017-04-28)
38.Jesper Edberg (2017-05-19)
39.Chuang-Chuan Lai (2017-06-07)
(40.) Mewlude (2017-06-09)
40.Annop Ektaravong (2017-06-16)
41.Martin Eriksson (2017-09-04)
42.Mewlude Imam (2017-10-06)
43.Hatim Alnoor (2017-10-27)
44.Mohammad Javad Jafari (2017-11-17)
45.Jonas Saarimäki (2018-03-23) 111. Claudia Schnitter (23-06-01)
112. Sjoered Stendahl (Broekhuijsen) (2023-06-09)
113. Lida Khajavizadeh (2023-06-14)
114. Xiao Li (2023-09-05)
115. Alexis Papamichail (2023-10-05)
46.Viktor Norman (2018-03-16) 
47.Evangelia Mitraka (2018-06-01)
48.Alexandra Serban (2018-06-08)
49.Emil Kalered (2018-08-30)
50.Mattias Lundberg (2018-09-28)
51.Kosala Wijeratne (2018-12-07)
52.Robin Karhu (2019-02-27)
53.Praveen Jonnalagadda (2019-03-13)
54.Nerijus Armakavicius (2019-03-27)
55.Ludvig Landälv (2019-05-16)
56.Ingemar Persson (2019-06-07)
57.Zhongcheng Yuan (2019-08-27)
58.David Engberg (2019-09-13)
59.Jalil Shah (2019-09-26)
60.Shaobo Han (2019-11-15)
61.Pimin Zhang (2019-11-22)
62.Mohammad Amin Gharavi (2019-11-28)
63.Canyan Che (2019-11-29)
64.Dunyong Deng (2019-12-06)
65.Laurent Souqui (2019-12-06)
66.Mina Shiran Chaharsoughi (2020-02-28)
67.Quanzheng Tao (2020-03-26)
68.Rania Elhadi Adam (2020-04-17)
69.Johan Jönsson (2020-04-24)
70.Yingzhi Jin (2020-09-16) 
71.Tim Cornelissen (2020-09-25)
72.Heyong Wang (2020-10-14)
73.Christina Åkerlind (2020-10-16)
74.Yuming Wang (2020-10-29)
75.Hongling Yu (2020-11-12)
76.Babak Bakhit (2021-01-12)
77.Shangzhi Chen (2021-03-22)
78.Marius Rodner (2021-05-28) 
79.Hama Nadhom (2021-08-20)
80.Fuxiang Ji (2021-09-23)
81.Davide Gambino  (21-09-24)
82.Polla Rouf (21-09-24)
83.Huotian Zhang (21-10-07)
84.Chaoyang Kuang (21-10-21)
85.Yanfeng Liu (21-11-25)
86.Kalle Bunnfors (21-11-26)
87.Erik Ekström (21-12-17)
88.Nannan Yao (22-01-26)
89.Jinghao Xu (22-05-06)
90.Prahbat Pant (22-05-25)
91.Rui Shu (22-05-31)
92.Mehmet  (22-06-01)
93.Cheng-Han Yu (22-06-10)
94.Binbin Xin (22-06-17)
95.Hengfang Zhang (22-09-08)
96.Stefano Rossi (22-09-30)
97.Tanvi Upreti (22-10-04)
98.Jing-Jia Huang (22-11-25)
99.Hamid Ghorbani Shiraz (22-12-08)
100.Jianwei Yu (22-12-13)
101.Max Karlsson (23-02-17)
102.Smita Gangaprasad Rao (23-03-15)
103.Elfatih Mohammed Mustafa (23-03-15)
104.Weidong Cai (23-03-16)
105.Gabriel Kofu Nzulu (23-03-28)
106.Karl Rönnby (23-03-29)
107.Arman Molaei (23-05-12)
108.Qingqing Wang (23-05-17)
109.Xiane Li  (23-05-22)
110.Hongli Yang (23-05-23)
111. Claudia Schnitter (23-06-01)
112. Sjoered Stendahl (Broekhuijsen) (2023-06-09)
113. Lida Khajavizadeh (2023-06-14)
114. Xiao Li (2023-09-05)
115. Alexis Papamichail (2023-10-05)
116. Nasrin Razmi
117. Samiran Bairagi
118. Johan Nyman
119. Divyaratan Kumar
120. Jui-Che Chang
121. Penghui Ding
122. Adam Carlsson
123. Sachin Sharma
124. Pernilla Helmer

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