Agora Materiae Graduate School

Terahertz laboratory

Since January 2012, the Agora Materiae Graduate School for PhD students has been working to help degree and licentiate students in the research field of novel functional materials, including both hard and soft materials, excel in their fields.

With around 50 members from three departments (IFM, ITN and IEI) and financial support from AFM, the Graduate School is dedicated to offering graduate studies in a true multi disciplinary environment.

Why become member? 

As a member of Agora Materiae, the student will have the opportunity to meet other graduate students working on material related research and create new and important contacts, take part in study visits, both within Sweden and abroad, attend a summer conference organized by the student council or some other members, for the members, take part in monthly seminars where students will present their work, attend courses offered by the graduate school, and hopefully learn a lot while having a great deal of fun.

As a member, you will get the opportunity to sit in the student council for a year and/or organize study visits and/or summer conferences. You will also get a "backpack" of SEK 10 000, which you may spend on attending a conference you want to go to, or a book that you would like to read, for example. The monthly seminars and the summer conference are compulsory events, where as the study visits are optional.

Want to apply?

A membership for a PhD student costs SEK 10 000 per year. Applying for a membership for the PhD student in Agora Materiae has to be a joint decision of the PhD student and his/her supervisor. To become a member of Agora Materiae, an e-mail should be sent to both Caroline Brommesson and Karina Malmström by both the PhD student and his/her supervisor. The e-mail should include the name of the PhD student and his/her supervisor, the institution and group to which they belong to, as well as their e-mail addresses.

Already member?

Members of Agora Materiae can find documents and information in the Lisam area here.

Management and members
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Financial support
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Nerijus Armakavicius, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Krishna Praveen Jonnalagadda, Engineering Materials, IEI
Björn Lundqvist
Robin Karhu, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Emil Kalered, Chemistry, IFM
Kosala Wijeratne, Physics and Electronics, ITN

Mattias Lundberg, Engineering Materials, IEI
Alexandra Serban, Thin Film Physics, IFM
Evangelia Mitraka, Physics and Electronics, ITN
Viktor Norman, Engineering Materials, IEI
Jonas Saarimäki, Engineering Materials, IEI
Pontus Stenberg, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Lía Férnandez del Río, Applied Optics, IFM
Zhe Chen, Engineering Materials, IEI
Pitsiri Sukkaew, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Mewlude Imam, Thin Film Physics, IFM
Martin Eriksson, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Hatim Alnoor, Physics and Electronics, ITN
Mohammad Javad Jafari, Molecular Physics, IFM
Igor Mosyagin, Theoretical Physics, IFM

Jesper Edberg, Physics and Electronics, ITN
Chung-Chuan Lai, Thin Film Physics, IFM
Annop Ektarawong, Thin Film Physics, IFM
Viktor Elofsson, Plasma & Coatings Physics, IFM
Yuan Liu, Physical Chemistry, IFM 
Mathias Forsberg, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Konstantinos Bakoglidis, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Eiman Nour, Organic Electronics, ITN 
Hossein Fashandi, Applied Sensor Science, IFM
Lina Tengdelius, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Linda Karlsson, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Negar Sani, Organic Electronics, ITN 
Christopher Tholander, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Thomas Fransson, Computational Physics, IFM 
Jonas Bergqvist, Biomolecular and Organic Electronics, IFM 
Zia Ullah Khan, Organic Electronics, ITN 
Tran Thien Duc, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Xun Li, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Mattias Calmunger, Engineering Materials, IEI 
Xuan Thang Trinh, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Sit Kerdsongpanya, Thin Film Physics, IFM
Jr-Tai Chen, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Mikhail Chubarov, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Roger Magnusson, Applied Optics, IFM 
Mikael Segersäll, Engineering Materials, IEI 
Milan Yazdanfar, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Kang Yuan, Engineering Materials, IEI
Daniel Nilsson, Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Zhafira Darmastuti, Applied Sensor Science, IFM 
Hafiz Muhammad Sohail, Surface and Semiconductor Physics, IFM
Robert Eriksson, Engineering Materials, IEI
Xiaodong Wang, Organic Electronics, ITN
Chih-Wei Hsu, Semiconductor Materials, IFM 
Susann Schmidt, Thin Film Physics, IFM 
Lars Johnson, Thin Film Physics, IFM

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Previous study visits

Each year, Agora Materiae students make a study visit within Sweden or abroad, in order to broaden their understanding of and put their research in another context.

Spring 2017

We visited Kiruna in the north of Sweden on 29th-31st of May. We went to the space research facilities IRF, Esrange, EISCAT and the Iron mines (LKAB).

Organizers: Erik Ekström and Mohammad Amin Gharavi

Autumn 2016

This year Agora Study visit took place on 19-20 of October. We visited the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University, NanoLund, and just the very recently inaugurated MAX IV Laboratory.

Organizers: Nerijus Armakavicius and Alexandra Serban

Spring 2015

This year’s study visit organized by the Agora Materiae graduate school was to the Nuclear Research facilities at CERN. 2-4 June. 

Organizers: Maiwulidan Yimamu (Mewlude) and Emil Kalered

Spring 2014

Visit to Sandvik 22-23 of May. We've been around Sandvik Coromant in Västberga and Gimo. We've also been to Sandvik Materials Technology in Sandviken.

Organizers: Ludvig Landälv and Mattias Calmunger

Spring 2013

Visit to DESY in Hamburg 28 of May to 31 of May. We took part in a guided tour of the particle accelerator and on visited Univerität Hamburg. 

Organizers: Negar Sani and Kang Yuan

Spring 2012

Visit to the nuclear power plant facilities OKG, Clab, and Äspö in Simpevarp in Oskarshamn on June 4, 2012. We learned about nuclear reactors, storage of nuclear waste, and the taste of really old water.

Organizer: Linda Karlsson

Previous summer conferences

Agora Materiae summer conferences are a compulsory part of the graduate school. 

2017 summer conference was organized together with the graduate school Forum Scientum on Sandvik gård from August 30 to September 1.

2016 the summer conference was yet again was held in conjunction with the Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (AFM2016). Just like last time, interesting talks relating to PhD-studies were followed by presentations on current research within the field of advanced functional materials and a posters session. The conference took place from 23th to 24st  of August at Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården.

2015 summer conference took place between August 26 and 28 at Storgården, Rimforsa.  

2014 summer conference was held in conjunction with the Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (AFM2014). Interesting talks relating to PhD-studies were followed by presentations on current research within the field of advanced functional materials. 19-21 of August at Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården.

2013 summer conference took place at Sandvik gård between 28th and 30th of August.

In the summer of 2012, we took a bus to Söderköpings Brunn in Söderköping and stayed there between the 20th and 22nd of August. We listened to presentations by invited speakers, poster sessions for the members, and social activities. On Tuesday afternoon, we went kayaking, which was a very popular activity.