AI and the automation of teaching an exploration of teachers and machine learning in education

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An exploratory and practical study that examines what happens when ML Aled is introduced into primary school classrooms. 

The recent emergence of ML in EdTech together with its poorly understood implications for the future of teaching and teachers motivates this explorative, practice-centered study that investigates what happens when ML AIed is being introduced in Primary Education classrooms. The aim of this project is to cut through the powerful imaginaries of AIed to reveal how specific educational technologies with ML affect and are affected by Primary Education teachers. The focus lays on the actual and complex interactions that emerge between teachers and specific ML AIed technologies in classrooms.

The following research questions have been articulated: 

  1. What effects emerge through the interaction of different actors when a specific ML technology is introduced in Primary Education classrooms? 
  2. How does a specific ML technology affect teachers in Swedish Primary Education classrooms? 
  3. Conversely, how do teachers' affect a specific ML technology in Swedish Primary Education classrooms? 



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Katarina Sperling, Linnéa Stenliden, Jörgen Nissen, Fredrik Heintz (2022)

European Journal of Education , Vol.57 , s.584-600 Continue to DOI

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