Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems (AIICS)

The Division of Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems is part of the Department of Computer and Information Science. The division's main focus of interest is research and teaching in artificial intelligence, its theoretical foundations and its applications. 

The robotdog Spot hands over a first aid kit to a kneeling man Photo credit FREDRIK STREIFFERT Research and Teaching

The main focus of interest for the AIICS division is artificial intelligence, it's foundations and its application to intelligent artifacts and decision support systems.

Intelligent artifacts are defined as man-made physical systems containing computational equipment and software that provide them with capabilities for receiving and comprehending sensory data, for reasoning, and for rational action in their environment.

Examples of such artifacts range from software agents to robotic systems such as ground, surface and aerial robots (UAVs, USVs and UGVs).

Research Laboratories

  • Knowledge Processing Lab 
  • Natural Language Processing Lab
  • Representation, Learning and Planning Lab
  • Reasoning and Learning Lab
  • Theoretical Computer Science Lab
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology Lab



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Katarina Sperling, Cormac McGrath, Linnéa Stenliden, Anna Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Heintz (2023) Mapping AI Literacy in Teacher Education 2nd International Symposium on Digital Transformation: August 21-23, 2023, Linnaeus University, Växjö

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