Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems (AIICS)

The Division of Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems is part of the Department of Computer and Information Science. The division's main focus of interest is research and teaching in artificial intelligence, its theoretical foundations and its applications. 

The robotdog Spot hands over a first aid kit to a kneeling man Photo credit FREDRIK STREIFFERT Research and Teaching

The main focus of interest for the AIICS division is artificial intelligence, it's foundations and its application to intelligent artifacts and decision support systems.

Intelligent artifacts are defined as man-made physical systems containing computational equipment and software that provide them with capabilities for receiving and comprehending sensory data, for reasoning, and for rational action in their environment.

Examples of such artifacts range from software agents to robotic systems such as ground, surface and aerial robots (UAVs, USVs and UGVs).

Research Laboratories

  • Knowledge Processing Lab (KPLAB)
  • Machine Reasoning (MR)
  • Natural Language Processing Lab (NLP)
  • Reasoning and Learning Lab (REAL)
  • Theoretical Computer Science Lab (TCSLAB)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology Lab (UAStech)



News at AIICS


AI-generated image with a robot attempting to write the word security.

How can AI be made secure and used to create safety?

Recently, a full-day seminar on AI and Security was held at Linköping University. The seminar was organized by SWECA in collaboration with Linköping University, the County Administrative Board of Östergötland, and The Swedish Police Authority.

The cockpit of a Gripen E flight simulator

New PhD Thesis in Computer Science

On the 8th December, Johan Källström at the Department of Computer and Information Science defended his thesis about reinforcement learning, a machine learning method, and its utility for simulation-based pilot training.

Portrait of Fredrik Heintz sitting on a staircase

Fredrik Heintz - member of the government’s new AI Commission

The Swedish government is appointing an AI Commission to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and develop the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Sweden. One of the members is LiU professor Fredrik Heintz.

Research at AIICS

Latest publications


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Patrick Doherty, Andrzej Szalas (2024) Dual forgetting operators in the context of weakest sufficient and strongest necessary conditions Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 326, Article 104036 Continue to DOI


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Cyrille Berger, Simon Lacroix (2023) DSeg: Direct Line Segments Detection
Vitor Hugo Serravalle Reis Rodrigues, Paulo Roberto de Melo Barros Junior, Euler Bentes dos Santos Marinho, Jose Luis Silva (2023) Wavelet Gated Multiformer for Groundwater Time Series Forecasting Scientific Reports Continue to DOI
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Linda Mannila (2023) Viewing the Finnish national curriculum through AI glasses: participatory design for integrating AI in grades 1-9
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