Children, Children's Rights and Citizenship


Children and youth are ascribed rights and demand rights. We study how children's rights are used and understood by different actors in different contexts. Our research highlights possibilities and challanges that rights and citizenship give rise to.

Research projects 

Children demonstrating

Growing up in a Warming World

In August 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg initiated a school strike in defiance of an adult world that has failed to take climate change seriously. Since then, Fridays for Future has grown into one of the largest protest movements ever.

Barns hand håller en boll i ett bollhav

Implementing disabled children's right to leisure and recreation

Disabled children have the right to leisure and recreation, but it can be difficult to find suitable activities. We study opportunities and obstacles for a meaningful leisure time from a child perspective.

Schoolstrike regarding the climate.

Youth Representation in Global Politics

Young people´s concerns in critical transboundary issues such as climate, health and migration have gained significant attention in recent years. In practice, however, the ways in which youth are given voice in global governance remains contested.