Swedish National Graduate School in Science and Technology Education Research (FontD)

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What is Lic-FontD4?

Lic-FontD is a network between 10 Swedish universities (2018) with Linköping University the host. Lic-FontD includes local science and technology education research communities at participating universities.  Since inception in 2002, more than 100 PhDs and licentiates have graduated from the school. In addition, various externally-funded students participate in offered postgraduate courses.

The primary objectives of Lic-FontD are to:

  • Educate licentiates in science and technology education research.
  • Generate knowledge about teaching and learning in science and technology.
  • Support research and networking between the participating universities.

Lic-FontD Participating Universities
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Lic-FontD Scientific Committee
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Six internationally prominent academics from the Netherlands, Norway, Ireland and Denmark serve as an advisory panel that provides quality assurance for student research development and progress.

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