Industrial Management and Complex Intelligent Systems

We have established a new and larger research initiative focusing on the sparsely researched management implications of increasingly complex intelligent systems. It is the aim to expand this initiative into a vibrant research ecosystem consisting of researchers and other relevant actors by addressing contemporary challenges.

The initiative is a direct result from our research project NICER, where we found out that that extensive research efforts are currently focusing on technology development, including software development, for future intelligent systems (such as WASP), the management consequences for organizations that develop, provide, and utilize future complex and intelligent systems are not as well addressed. The development is disruptive in character and has major implications for actors in system-building industry as well as public organizations.

Therefor we continue to call the overall initiative NICER.

A Manifesto for Management in Future Industrial Ecosystems for Complex Intelligent Systems

The foundations of the research direction of NICER are formulated in a manifesto. Research carried out under the umbrella of NICER builds on a tight connection between technology and management and combines existing technology-oriented research with future-oriented management research. 

Research aim

The research aims to generate new knowledge on how existing management logic will need to change as systems become increasingly complex, intelligent, build on new types of architectures, and when management takes place in the context of ecosystems that consist of different types of actors. The challenges are addressed at different levels; existing firms and organizations, new actors, and the eco-system.

Research is currently mainly carried out in two projects:

  • New innovation capabilities and external recombination (financed by Vinnova 2016-2019).
  • Management for combined digital innovation and safety criticality (financed by Vinnova 2018-20120).

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