Organic photonics and nano-optics

Grön laserstråle i mörker - kvinna med skyddsglasögon

We develop and study photonic and optoelectronic concepts based on conducting polymers and plasmonic metal nanostructures.

Principal investigator: Magnus Jonsson

Metal nanoparticles have been used since the medieval times to create beautiful colours in glass windows (stained glass). The effect is a result of strong colour-dependent light absorption in metal nanostructures, through excitation of collective electron oscillations known as plasmons. 

One of our main interests is to utilize plasmonic processes in metallic nanostructures to control light-matter interactions in organic conducting polymer devices.

As example, we are interested in novel applications based on the ability of conducting polymers to conduct ions in addition to electrons. Main application areas are energy harvesting and sensing.  

In addition to hybrid inorganic/organic systems, we also explore photonic and nanooptical concepts based on pure organic polymers or pure plasmonic systems.

Outdoor measurements of our optoelectronic paper made by pilot paper machine.
Photo: D.A.Tordera

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