This collaborative seminar series at IEI is a platform for the presentation of research at all stages to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI). 

The seminar series is aimed at senior and junior researchers within and outside LiU. The seminars are usually held in English. The presentation of research in the seminar series takes place both by invitation and by contacting the seminar leaders.

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We discuss research topics from the following divisions

International food market in Linköping

Business Administration (FEK)

Business Administration is a division at the Department of Management and Engineering. The division offers education on undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels, and is an active research environment.

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Commercial and Business Law (ARÄTT)

The division Commercial and Business Law educates future lawyers with specialisation in business. It is necessary to have an understanding of the commercial and business laws in order to create a successful career.

Forming an action plan for their new project

Industrial Management (INDEK)

The division is a part of the Department of Management and Engineering and educates and carries out research in the three areas - industrial economics, industrial marketing, and economic information systems.