Commercial and Business Law (ARÄTT)

The division Commercial and Business Law is part of the Department of Management and Engineering. The division offers education programmes in law at the basic and advanced levels. We also have research and postgraduate studies.


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The division Commercial and Business Law educates future lawyers with specialisation in business. 

We have a bachelor and master’s programmes in Commercial and Business Law. Our education is unique because students can specialize in European Commercial and Business Laws and read courses in French or German language.


We also offer single-subject courses in law. These include right now:

  • An advanced course in Corporate Taxation
  • Banking and Finance Law
  • Basic course in Commercial Law
  • Creditor´s Rights and Insolvency Law
  • Corporate Law
  • EU-law
  • Intellectual property law
  • International Tax Law
  • Tax Law

In addition to this, we have summer courses in Labor law and Family law.

Contract education

We offer specific legal training to companies, organisations and the public sector. Training courses can be arranged in most areas of law.

Contact Head of division Christina Nordin for more information

Single-subject courses

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We conduct research and graduate studies in Commercial and Business law. Commercial and Business Law regulates economic life in order to exploit a market economy benefits and minimize its harmful effects.


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